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Windows 10 Pro (assembly 10240) on Espaol x64 RTM

Generated directly from Microsoft’s ESD archives, including embedded ones, it is unmodified.

Enable or install Windows 7/8 Pro Update.

It is an ideal version for Sobremesa computers, laptops and convertible computers with 4 GB RAM or MS, if you have a device with or with 3 GB RAM or less than the x86 version.

To create a bootable download via USB from RUFUS, use the “GPT para UEFI Participation Type” mode to update your device and the UEFI mode, this is a laptop or PC compatible with traditional bios, i. “Enter MBR for BIOS or UEFI -CSM with” Enter MBR for UEFI “mode.

If you have a license for Windows 7/8 Pro / Ultimate and you have activated an automatic upgrade to Windows 10 Pro Original, no repairs or cracks are required.