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Edit filter-focused photos for Mac and PC. What does “filter-focused” photo processing mean? This means that CameraBag Photo contains the advanced tools you need to make your photos exactly the way you want them, but with an interface that makes it incredibly easy to reuse the styles you want created as custom filters. Or start with existing presets to mimic classic images or apply the same style to hundreds of pictures. This means that CameraBag is built from the top down to help you develop a unique style of photography that clearly belongs to you.

Customize your arsenal of professional equipment

The CameraBag interface focuses on creating a series of image enhancements (or loading existing filters with multiple settings) and modifying them as needed. You can easily see all the adjustments you’ve made to your image in the lower compartment, adjust their controls, rearrange or delete them, or save them as a new filter.

Analog motor

CameraBags’ 96-bit analog engine ensures that your images maintain consistent color gradients, even with many adjustments.


All adjustments and effects of cameraBag are applied in non-destructive layers, so you can always see and adjust what changes you’ve made.

Raw workflow

CameraBag easily manipulates RAW images with its added depth of color, giving you much more control over the tone of your photos.

Batch processing

With simple Camerabag batch processing, you can apply any set of default settings or filters to entire photo folders at once.

Over 150 presets included

CameraBag Photo allows you to start or finish with over 150 fully editable built-in presets, to which you can add an infinite number of bespoke ones. From classic movie simulation to color correction settings to versatile colors and black and white styles, CameraBag Photo brings you attention. Here are some highlights.

Want to use CameraBags award-winning tools for your videos?

CameraBag Professional Cinema has all of CameraBag Photo’s award-winning refinement and filtering tools, but adds video support for all your video color ratings and filtering needs. In addition, CameraBag Cinema includes dozens of movie presets and LUT import and export support.

Complete set of photo tools

CameraBag Photo contains all the professional tools you need to customize your photos. CameraBag filters are created by layering these settings (including the ability to add multiple copies or groups of settings for the same modification). And everything is done with an incredible 96 bits per pixel of math, so you never lose quality no matter how many changes you make.